Who Was Abdullahi Nadir? Al Shabaab Co-founder Carrying $3 Mn Bounty Killed In Somalia

Abdullahi Nadir, a top leader of the Al-Shabaab terror organization, was
killed in an operation conducted by Somali National Army on 1 October.

A top commander of the terrorist organisation, Al-Shabaab, has been neutralised in a joint operation by the Somali military and unnamed international partner forces, informed the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Federal Republic of Somalia. According to the statement, Abdullahi Nadir (Alias- Abdullahi Yare) was killed by the National Army of Somalia in a planned operation in cooperation with international partners. The operation was conducted in the Haram area of the Middle Jubba region of the country on 1 October, 2022

Who was Abdullahi Nadir?

As per the information shared by Somalia’s Ministry of Information, Nadir was the Chief Prosecutor of the Al-Shabaab group and was “one of the most qualified Khawarij Al-Shabaab.”

Being one of the co-founders of Al-Shabaab, Nadir carried a $3 million bounty on his head from the United States.

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As per reports, Abdullahi Nadir held other posts within the terror outfit, one of them being the Head of Council and Finance and was prepared by Al-Shabaab to replace the top leader, Abu Ubaidah (Diriye), who was killed in a US airstrike in September 2014. Moreover, Nadir had served as the head of media for Al-Shabaab, as per the Rewards for Justice website of the US government.

The terrorist was wanted by the Somali government. The whereabouts of the terrorist leader were traced by the National Intelligence Service of Somalia (NISA).

Commenting further regarding the operation that killed Nadir, the Information Ministry of Somalia remarked, “His death is a thorn removed from the Somali nation and will rest from the intrigues and misguidance he had on the Somali community. The Somali government is determined to punish other criminals who are involved in the conspiracy (against) the Somali people.”

Furthermore, the government of Somalia appreciated the help of their “international friends” which facilitated the neutralisation of the Al-Shabaab leader.

Al-Shabaab strikes Somalia after Nadir’s elimination

Heavy explosions in the central Somali town of Beledweyne reportedly killed 12 people on Monday, as per the latest update by the AP. The latest terror attack has been claimed by Al-Shabaab.

According to witness reports, two car bombs were set off by the terrorists targeting the local government headquarters in Beledweyne, about 300 kilometres north of the capital city of Somalia, Mogadishu.

Ali Jayte Osman, the governor of the Hiran region, who survived the attack, revealed to the AP that the health minister of Hirshabelle state and the deputy governor of Hiran were among those killed in Monday’s attack.

The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, had recently declared “total war” against al-Shabab, stated the AP. The terror organization currently controls large parts of southern and central Somalia and has thousands of fighters who indulge in “taxing” or extorting the locals to fund themselves.

Source: republicworld