Somalia’s Veteran Medic, Humanitarian Hawa Abdi Dies

Somalia’s foremost medical and humanitarian activist Hawa Abdi has died in Mogadishu after a short illness, her family confirmed on Wednesday.

Dr Abdi, famed for donating her backyard to treat thousands of displaced Somalis was more known through her work in the Hawa Abdi Foundation.

The Foundation provided medical, educational and other humanitarian relief to internally displaced people.

Nicknamed “Mama Hawa,” she opened one of the first NGOs in Somalia to provide health aid to women and children.

She was among the favourites to win the Nobel Peace Prize two years ago, but was eventually awarded the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, one of Turkey’s most prestigious honours to humanitarians.

Dr Abdi’s daughter, Amina Abdi confirmed she had died after a.short illness, but did not divulge the actual illness.

Source: Radio Dalsan