Somalia and Kenya officials meet for the first time since ICJ ruling

Somalia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mohamed Abdirizak Mohamud met with Kenya’s Ambassador to Somalia Lucas Tumbo in Mogadishu on Monday for the first time since the ICJ rejected Kenya’s case in the maritime dispute.

According to officials, the meeting was intended to build on the Joint Commission for Cooperation, which was agreed upon by Somalia’s Prime Minister and Kenya’s President during their meeting in August. 

“The Foreign Ministers of Somalia and Kenya agreed, in their meeting in Mogadishu, to expedite the third session of the Joint Committee to move forward in areas of common interest, including trade, investment, security, defense, agriculture, tourism, and people-to-people relations.”

Diplomatic relations between the two east Africa neighbours have been icy in recent years. A large part of that animosity was centred around a maritime dispute which was settled by the UN’s highest court last month. Somalia welcomed the ruling, with President Farmajo calling on Kenya to accept the ICJ’s verdict. Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta publicly said that his government rejected the ruling and would not ‘cede an inch’ of Kenyan territory.

Source: Hiiraan Online