Former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud sworn in as a MP

Former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has completed the transition from President to Member of Parliament on Saturday after officially taking the oath of office.

The original Somali constitution written in 1960 allows for a former President to be given a seat in the Lower House of Parliament as an MP.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is now the 276th Member of Parliament. He is the first former President to assume the role of MP after his presidency since the coup that installed a military dictatorship in Somalia.

Former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed was not awarded the honorary seat as an MP because led Somalia’s caretaker government known as the “Transitional Federal Government” or TFG.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was president from 2012 until last month when he lost the Presidential election to Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

Source- Hiiraan Online