An operation instigated by the Danab Special Forces with the aid of the US Africa
Command left a senior Al-Shabaab commander dead and several other militants, the government of Somalia
reported, noting that the leader of the group has been planning operations within Jubaland.
The elite Darwish forces of Jubaland state also participated in the operation which left a total of 13 Al-Shabaab
militants dead, as Somalia increases the intensity in the fight against the group which is losing dominance in central
and southern parts of the country following a national crackdown.

Friday’s operation was activated in the Lower Jubba region where the militants are said to be in control but have
since lost to Somali National Army [SNA] with a strong backing of the US Africa Command, the African Union
Transition Mission in Somalia [ATMIS] and local militia, who have been supporting the course.

Aruriyow Mohamed Omar alias Ahmed Salah within the circles of Al-Shabaab has been coordinating the group’s
activities in Lower Jubba until he met his death at Turdho village. The death was announced by Arab Dheeg Ahmed,
the commander of the 5th Brigade of the Somali National Army.
The commander, who has been coordinating activities in Lower Jubba said that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
praised the latest government forces operation but did not specify how many militants were killed. The president has
been passionate about the operations.
“I congratulate the national army and Jubaland forces on their victory in Friday’s operation. The federal government
is stepping up its efforts in ongoing operations. The liberation operation is going well in this state, and I applaud the
Jubbaland leaders and its people for working together to liberate their areas.”
The operation also comes days after the United States dispatched military weapons and ammunition to Danab
Special Forces as part of the cooperation with the federal government in the fight against terrorism. The US has been
a major security partner of the Horn of Africa nation for decades.
State Department noted that at least $80 million is used annually on training and equipping the Danab Special
Forces who are critical in the fight against Al-Shabaab. The special unit, State Department added, gets a $300 token
as a motivation besides being subjected to rigorous professional training.

Jabril Yahye Isse, 
Goobsan Media Inc
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